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Become a Belem crew member and take part in The Tall Ships Race from 27th July to 6th August 2020 from La Corogne (Spain) to Dunkerque (France)

Before you get started, read these few pointers to make things easier for you. You are responsible for providing us with the correct information for all aspects of your registration. Take your time.

Print out the registration form and read through it carefully: pay close attention to everything that you are asked to do. When you are ready, dedicate about thirty minutes to completing your registration in one go. Complete your registration by carefully following the stages outlined.


The registration form is, in effect, an application

Be sure to think about those reading your registration form: pay attention to typography, use of capitals, spelling, errors with numerals, email addresses, and so on. In short, pay close attention to anything that could make your registration form difficult to read or impossible to consider due to incorrect data being provided. Due to the high number of registration forms submitted, we are unable to conduct searches to find out information about you or your manager.

Important: If your registration contains incorrect data, we will have to remove you from our database.

If you do not have a work email address:

  • You can create an address at www.laposte.net which will be used for your registration. We strongly recommend you create an address following the first name.surname@laposte.net format.

When you have finished completing your registration, you will receive a confirmation email once your registration has been submitted. At the same time, your manager will receive an email informing them about your application being ready for validation. We are unable to consider any registration forms that have not been validated by managers.

Your manager plays a crucial part in backing your application; you should talk to them, and tell them how keen you are to fly the flag for your company; your manager needs to validate or refuse your application and provide an evaluation.

Registration forms that fail to get validation from managers will not make it through to the next selection round. All registration forms must be submitted by 28 December 2019.

To access the registration form, enter your HR username and the password Belem2020. If you are an employee working for a subsidiary, enter Filiale as the username and Belem2020 as the password


You only have one chance to complete the registration form. There is no going back once you have submitted it.

Make sure you save your registration by clicking on the confirm button at the bottom of the page.

Out of all the questions asked, only information pertaining to your First name and Surname as well as professional information will be sent to your manager to validate your registration. The rest of the information contained in your registration is confidential.

Registrations are closed.