The Tall Ships Regatta on board Belem from 24th June to 3rd July 2019
from Scheveningen (Pays-Bas) to Aalborg (Danemark).

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Will you take part in this incredible adventure and become one of the new Gazelle de la Mer? Become a Belem crew member and take part in The Tall Ships Race ! The Group recruits around 40 women to take place on board Belem from 24th June to 3rd July 2019 from (Pays-Bas) to Aalborg (Danemark)..

This is a chance to experience harsh environments for all those looking for a personal and sporting challenge and those wanting to see something through until it is completed, work together as a team, broaden their minds, test themselves and show determination!

The Tall Ships Regatta

Every year, The Tall Ships Race sees the world’s largest and most beautiful tall ships go head to head on the open seas. Organised in European waters, the race takes place in several stages, covering several hundred nautical miles. Belem will set sail and begin the race between (Pays-Bas) and Aalborg (Danemark) from 24 th June to 3rd July 2019

On board Belem, a team of postal workers will be flying the flag for the Group and indeed France as part of this international race. This team will be supervised by a crew of 16 professional sailors for the Merchant Navy.

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